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Women have much in common and in the plan of redemption, women share equally in the benefits of Christ’s Cross. They are joint heirs of the Gracious Gift of life. (1 Pet. 3:7)

In other respect, however, women are very different. Their attitude to life, their emotional make-up, and their means of fulfillment ands their sexuality for example, varies greatly in God’s order too, they have different roles to fulfill.

To develop our potential to the full, therefore we members of Christian Women’s Fellowship must embrace our women hood by the standard that really matters and this is found in the Holy Scriptures. (The Bible)

Therefore Christian Women’s Fellowship gets its concept from the Bible, looking on to Jesus Christ our Saviour, born of a woman and respect women and also taking Mary Magdalene as our Patron Saint who was drawn by the Love of Jesus Christ and healed by the Saviour (Lk. 8:1-3).

She sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to His Word thereby choosing the rightful portion which no one can take away from her (Lk. 10:39-42).

Therefore C.W.F, challenges women and girls to choose the rightful portion (Salvation) and nurtures them in the Christian Faith.

C.W.F, is fully involved in Church Ministry using our God – given talents and gifts, resources and time; for all time belongs to God, who helped to support Jesus Ministry (Lk 8-13) With the Love of Jesus Christ, we reach out to the fallen, the needy strengthening the weak and promoting Christian living in Family.

Our Patron Saint following her master to the Cross and the Risen Lord Commission her to take the Good News of his Resurrection to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ thus fulfilling our true calling being a unique blessing to others.

Hence, ‘Serving the Lord is our Joy”

Our Aims & Objectives

  1. Meeting as Christian Women and Christian Girls with a common goal and getting to know one another through Fellowship.
  2. To fully engage in preaching Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Action especially to the poor, oppressed and those in prison for deliverance.
  3. To conduct Bible studies in our meetings so as to be grounded in the Christian Faith.
  4. Counsel and encouraging Baptism/ Confirmation classes and to be fully involved in Sunday school work.
  5. To show full responsibility in God’s Church to our neighbors and our Nation as a whole.
  6. To encourage the Development programmes in our Church/ Diocese and also to assist women and young girls to better lives.
  7. To create ways and means of uplifting the standard of Christian Women especially single mothers, widows and divorcees. Single mothers who have been reinstated to Sacrament of Holy Communion and to assist them so that their children be baptized.
  8. To promote unity among Christian Women and girls in the Church, among our neighbors and the Nation.

C.W.F Constitution

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