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At the ACK Mombasa Memorial Cathedral Sunday School we teach children the word of God to their level of understanding so as to win their souls to Jesus Christ and mold them in a Godly way.

Other than teaching them prayer and worship we also mentor them to be good role models. Through our Sunday school programs we work hard to nurture the children’s talents so that they grow into better and responsible people in the society.

Our Mission:

To evangelize 1000 children by 2012

Our Vision:

To have Christ- like character to all children.

Our Goals

  • We have a target to reach a number of children inside and outside church to bring them to Christ, through evangelism, exchange programs, Bible clubs, neighbourhood clubs (good news club) visitation to hospitals, home and children’s homes.
  • We have plans to have E- learning in our church.
  • Have a children’s office with full time employee.
  • We have plans to have a children’s room with T.V in it so that the children may watch Bible story CD, Children’s music CDs etc.