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Praise be to God,

The PCC through the Worship Committee is organizing a Thanksgiving fellowship which commenced as we began the month of November and is expected to culminate with an event bringing together all Christians for a celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ on 6th December, 2015.
In this regard, the Worship committee deemed it fit to direct our thanksgiving towards the things that we purposed to achieve in beautifying the House of the Lord and enhancing worship to His glory, hence the listed items, which can be sponsored by individual members or family or even as organizations, in return for God's mercies and blessings over the period.
Whatever you want to contribute for thanksgiving, even one hundred shillings, will go a long way towards achieving any of the above. Just give prayerfully.
There is also need for sustained prayers for various issues, and therefore the coupon 'Thanksgiving and Prayer Needs' is enclosed so that you may kindly submit your prayer petitions to be addressed by the clergy kindly go through the attached and where necessary contact the information desk on Sunday for further information.
For: Chairman - Thanksgiving Committee